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Employee Directory - other layout

In a resent PnP Modern Search Office Hour I gave some guidance to a participant that was tasked with migrating their Employee Directory from another system to M365.

The Out of the box PnP Modern Search layout for People looks like this:

The existing layout they had looked like this, which is more like the PnP Modern Search Card layout. And in multiple columns.

So, the challenge was to:

  1. get pretty close to the existing layout.

  2. Multi column layout.

  3. add the Live Person Card ( LPC ) to the layout, as it is one of the best features in people search right now. When Delve will be retired in mid Dec 2024 the LPC will replace it for display purposes. The LPC is all over M365 and in every client app as well.

I didn't figure out how to change the round employee phone from the LPC to a square phone but otherwise the new layout fulfills the requirements.

The layout is available on PnP Modern Search Layouts

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