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PnP Modern Search Office Hours - Online tips and advise

For some time, I have assisted the PnP Modern Search project by answering questions and handling bug reports.

However written communication is often not optimal to describe the issue you are facing which has been a blocking bug for several weeks now. And if you are new to SharePoint/Microsoft Search there are a substantial number of pitfalls that can prevent your progress.

Therefore, I am now offering:

PnP Modern Search Office Hours - Online tips and advise

Every 2nd week I will offer 4 slots of 15 minutes each (for free of cause) where I will set up a Teams Meeting with each participant. The sessions will be 1:1 and will not be recorded, and using screen sharing we should be able to pinpoint the issue and get you going again.

So, if you are stuck on a Search related issue or need some advice regarding Search feel free to sign up in this MS Form

The first session is August 22 @16.00 UTC+1

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