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Using PnP Modern Search to display today's birthdays

In the PnP Modern Search Repository bigbear48858 asked about a separate web part for showing birthdays and work anniversaries:

That got me thinking about how to set up a Search Result web part to display today's birthdays.

The tricky part is that in the User profile application the birthday value is store is a rather usual datatype "date no year"

In my tenant the SPS-Birthday property was mapped to RefinableDate00 and the actual value in the property is 2000-[the date]:

(I used the magnificent SP Editor tool to inspect the managed properties)

So, the query had to be something like "those accounts where RefinableDate00 = 2000 + the value of today's date

In KQL we have the token "today" that will give us today's date, but as far as I know, we can't get the components the date consist of, like Month and Day.

Luckily, the PnP Modern search provides additional Tokens, see Tokens - PnP Modern Search (v4) (

So the final query is:


( and of cause a criteria to exclude former employees, like SPS-HideFromAddressLists<>1)


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