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Yeah, SharePoint custom Search Display Templates are back*

Once upon a time (before SharePoint Modern mode, circa 2016) we were able to create custom display templates for search results. This was a great option when your search query was returning a specific Content Type and you could display the various fields in a way that fit the content e.g. showing a red traffic light for expired content. However when SharePoint Modern appeared on our tenants Microsoft decided not to provide any option to customize the out of the box search, a decision that is hard to understand.

Luckily for Microsoft and us the M365 Community rose to the challenge and the PnP Modern Web Parts project was born.

As of today, you can add additional MS Search Vertical on the Site and Tenant level, and we can only hope that one day we will be able to assign an Audience to a Vertical in order to ensure the relevancy for the end user. (hint hint)

And NOW (public preview late Dec 22 and complete mid Jan 23) we can create custom item display templates in the shape of Result types with associated Adaptive Cards:

Please note that the Rules is using KQL so all the old queries you have been using for years still works !!!

And the skill set required for beautiful looking Adaptive Cards is on my wish list for X-mas but at least I can cheat and learn from the masters at

(Hey it works 😊 )

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