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New videos on YouTube: Useful tools when working with Search

Updated: May 26

Both when answering questions and handling issues on the PnP Modern Search GitHub project and in my daytime job as a Senior Solution Architect with Fellowmind I work a lot with both Microsoft and SharePoint Search related issues.

When people report an issue with Microsoft Search or the PnP Modern Search web parts the root cause is often related to either:

  • The KQL query is not correct

  • The fields they are missing has not been created as Site Columns

  • The fields have not been turned into crawled properties as the users has forgotten to add content in the list/library

  • The crawled property has not been mapped or mapped incorrectly

When this kind of issues shows up in a Search Results web part or in the Out Of The Box search it is pretty difficult to debug, hence this blog post and the Useful tools when working with Search series on YouTube:

Episode 1 is about Using the SP Editor

Episode 2 is about Using the SP Query Tool

Episode 3 is about Using the Graph Explorer (planned for later)

Episode 3 is about Using the Browser DevTools (planned for later)

If you have any ideas about additional tools or methods that would be useful when debugging a search related issue please let me know on twitter

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